So, yes. I have decided to blog. Instead of being unproductive, I guess I can procrastinate by talking about my thoughts, opinions, random things that happen to me, and my busy life. I live in WA, the state of the rain. At times it gets a little gloomy, but when the sun does come out…it is absolutely beautiful.

 Screen Shot 2013-10-15 at 6.36.27 PM

I’m a new 21 year old. Experiencing the night life at its very best. I’m in a very happy relationship with my boyfriend of now almost 3 years with our cute chihuahua Noah. We are proud 12th “men” standing behind our Seahawks every day. I go to nursing school at University of Washington and work as a Nurse Tech in the OR at Swedish Medical Center. I’m either wearing warm, waterproof clothes or comfy scrubs that aren’t as warm. I like to dress nice if I can and will probably post stuff like that too on here 😀

I hope to blog about the randoms in my life and if you care to join me in my busy adventure, follow along!


❤ Dorothy