Besides the Harry Potter series, this  series coming to theaters is the only series I have read before hitting the big screen. I am so excited for this!

The Divergent series written by Veronica Roth is an absolute adventure. If you are a fan of the Hunger Games, you will enjoy this author as she takes you through the eyes of  a brave, young girl named Beatrice Prior striving to be different within a very divided community. She comes from a conservative faction and chooses a faction that is completely opposite than what she grew up in. She leaves behind her family and all the while trying to find out her true self–she then realizes she is a very rare type of faction. She is Divergent.

If you haven’t already, I recommend you should start reading this series! It is a great read. Roth just published the trilogy of this series, called Allegiant.

Coming soon to a theatre near you on March 20, 2014.


❤ Dorothy Liwag