Do you have clothes, shoes, and/or accessories just laying around in your room? Poshmark is a great way to make money by selling your stuff! I have sold a lot of my stuff on this site and being a college student, this has helped me put money back in my pocket for once-loved pieces of clothing, shoes that don’t fit, accessories unused, or any almost new/like-new articles.

It is an app that can be easily downloaded onto your smartphone and very simple to fill in information. Other Poshers are very friendly and honest when it comes to selling or buying. When selling items, Poshmark takes 20%, but it does cover the Priority Mail 2-day shipping fee! When buying, Poshmark charges $6.99 on shipping for items under $25 and $4.99 on shipping $25 or more.

I have found tons of great buys from other Poshers, especially on items that are NWT (New With Tags) or like-new pieces! Another great way of saving money is finding Poshers who are happy to bundle. Bundling is buying more than one pice of clothing and giving a overall percent discount on all of the items. The more you buy, the more you save!

I do admit that I am addicted to Poshmark and I hope you enjoy it as well! (:


❤ Dorothy