I guess I don’t really blog about my immensely busy life because I don’t usually have the downtime to do so. However, for some odd reason, I do tonight! So, what have I been up to?


I celebrated my mom’s birthday over the weekend. The beautiful woman I call mom turned 47 years old, but she still looks young and gets mistaken as my sister still. Since we decided to celebrate her birthday the weekend before Chinese New Year, we decided to go get some dim sum in Chinatown. My parents and I used to go to this restaurant called House of Hong almost every weekend for their dim sum. There is this cute, old Asian man who wears a highlighter, reflective vest to direct customers into their parking lot and to find other parking spaces available. Surprisingly, he still remembered us and gave us the same smile he always had.

Afterwards, we went back home & fell into a deep, happy food coma (:

I’ve been busy with my life as a commuter and going to school at UW. This quarter has been especially busy going to different clinical sites, classes, and work. I do enjoy being busy though. I think I am way more productive when I’m really busy, especially when it comes to doing homework and working out. Whenever I do have a “day off”, I am the most laziest person you will ever meet. I will wake up early, but stay in bed until 2pm watching Netflix. Those mornings are my ideal mornings and I try to enjoy ever single minute of not being so busy.

I am trying to gain more confidence in bringing my Canon DSLR camera around :/ Tomorrow, I will be going to Jose Marti, or also known as El Centro de la Raza. I’ll be observing nurses re-screen children. So, the basic vision and hearing tests. Lots of play and hopefully lots of fun tomorrow! Talk to you guys soon!


❤ Dorothy