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 In one of my previous posts, I raved about using the app called Poshmark–a place to sell new/once loved clothes and what not. One of my close friends told me about another app called Vinted where I can also sell my once loved or never-made-it-out-of-the-closet clothes. Although Poshmark and Vinted share the same purpose, there are some differences. I absolutely love the layout of Vinted. It has a “Feed” that you can endlessly scroll through, sort of similar like Poshmark, but without so much text. It is just pictures–it has a very close feel to going through your Pinterest (which is very dangerous…I am on that thing forever). Vinted has a very user-friendly, step-by-step process when selling clothes. It is super easy to upload pictures and I love how you can capture the entire shirt or dress in Vinted. In Poshmark, you’d have to resize it in order to fit the whole length if it was a dress or something. I have realized that it is easier for your items to be liked/viewed by other fellow Vinted members because of the “Feed.” Which is super convenient since it took me awhile for my closet to be noticed by fellow Poshers…since your items can only be seen by Poshmark members who are following your closet. So, it is great that items uploaded on Vinted can be instantly noticed by anyone on Vinted.

I am definitely lovin’ this Vinted app and am slowly trying to clear out my closet. If you are interested in doing the same, join Vinted and/or Poshmark! See which one works well for you (: