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My 1st Honest Purchase

Hi there! Hope you all are having a great Tuesday (: I just want to share with you guys my first purchase from The Honest Company. I love Jessica Alba and The Honest Company has amazing products for your house, baby products, and yourself! I love their principle of making their line of products all organic and safe to use.

Screen Shot 2016-02-16 at 8.44.48 AM

The Honest Company has a promotion going on that if you download their app on your phone and use the code LOVEHONEST, you get 20% off your first order!

I was looking into organic cotton tampons at my local grocery store and they were pretty expensive. Seventh generation was selling a box of 10 tampons for almost $7.50. I am trying to switch to organic cotton tampons, but the price difference was killing me. The Honest Company sells organic tampons for a reasonable price! 16 tampons (with no applicator) for $5.95! I also went along and ordered pads and liners. My total after the code was $24.34. I say that isn’t too bad for getting the whole bundle of organic cotton tampons, pads, and liners for just under $25.00!


Clearance Deals at QFC

I love a drip blonde roast coffee in the morning! I found this great deal of Starbucks veranda ground coffee in the clearance aisle at QFC for 50% off! Usually costs $7.99/bag, but got it for $3.99! I stocked up and bought four bags for under $20! 

Burgundy Parka – 50% off!

I have been on the search for a parka that will keep me warm from my head to below my waist. It has been pretty chilly in Washington and all my coats are either rain jackets or nice, warm North Faces that stop right at my waist line.

I’ve been eyeing these super cute parkas at Target, but were retailed for $59.99. I know that Target has great deals when their apparel goes on sale, so I have been patiently waiting for their jackets to go on clearance. Today, I saw the ONLY size small parka in this cute burgundy color! So glad that I waited (:


Original price = $59.99. Clearance = $29.98 -> 50% off!

Post-Christmas Target Haul

Christmas is over, but only the more reason to stock up for next year right? I love Target and their seasonal stuff is adorable 🙂 All seasonal items were 50% off! GIFT WRAP. GIFT WRAP. GIFT WRAP.

It was hard enough to stop myself in the seasonal section, but I really had to control myself when I entered the home decor area :/ I love their Cartwheel app and they had a coupon for 20% off Holiday Storage Bins & Bags. I bought this cute green gift wrap container to keep everything neat & organized for next year!

FullSizeRender 2

A pocket perfect to keep these gift tags!
50% off craziness!


Transaction (Items that have a * are not pictured above)

  • Gift wrap x5 = $2.50/each
  • Tissue paper = $1.50
  • Gift tags x2 = $1.50/each
  • Storage gift wrap case = $7.99 (Cartwheel 20% off sale price $9.99)
  • *Storage light cord case = $2.39 (Cartwheel 20% off sale price $3.99)
  • Gift box = $1.25
  • Ribbon x3 = $2.00/each
  • Gift string toppers x9 = $1.25/each
  • Sugar paper tape roll = $2.00
  • Gift bags (Santa & snowman) = $0.62/each
  • Gift bags (Christmas trees & snowflakes) = $0.75/each
  • *S&L booties = $25.18 (Cartwheel app 20% off clearance apparel)
  • *up&up eye makeup remover = $4.83 (Cartwheel 5% off face products)
  • *up&up round cotton pads = $1.93 (Cartwheel 5% off face products)
  • *Revlon blow dryer = $13.99
  • *L’Oreal True Match Concealer = $9.19

Total = $117.43 / Total savings = $55.03

Hope you all had a great Christmas! Thanks so much for reading!


Ebates is Real (:

Screen Shot 2014-07-24 at 8.00.23 PM

Ebates is a FREE website and it is sort of earning rebates for purchases that you buy online when you go to your store of choice through the Ebate’s website. For new members, just for signing up you get a free $10 gift card of your choice to one of the retail stores listed. I think I got a $10 gift card to Target when I signed up. At first, I was really skeptical before using Ebates, until I saw one of my favorite YouTube makeup gurus (JLovesMac1) using it and she received a check in the mail. I just thought the whole concept was weird, a free website and just by clicking on a link and purchasing stuff on a store’s website you’ll get a percentage of your money back? It isn’t much a rebate, like 3% or 5%. Sometimes Ebates has deals where specific stores have higher rebates such as 10%. It all depends, but I mean it isn’t much work to do and it is a little nice to get something back when purchasing something you were already going to buy anyway, right?

I recently did some shopping on Nordstrom’s website for their anniversary sale ❤ I got $3.18 back for one of my purchases and another $4.80 for another purchase from Nordstrom. Ebates is also having a spend more than $25, get $10 back rebate, which was a great unexpected surprise! In order to get your “Big Fat Payments” Ebates sends you a check in the mail or via Paypal during cycles. It truly does add up if you shop a lot online and it doesn’t take much work to do it (:

Target Baby Toiletries Deals

Screen Shot 2014-07-09 at 10.19.24 PM

Screen Shot 2014-07-09 at 10.52.33 PM

Target’s baby toiletries are on sale this week along with a $2/2 coupon on Target’s website and a 5% off Cartwheel deal!

  • 1 Up & Up Baby Wash = $1.50
  • 1 Up & Up Petroleum Jelly = $1.11 + 5% Cartwheel

Package total was $2.61 and with the coupon it became $0.59 for both items!

Starbucks Deal: March 12th – 14th


As much as I hate getting suckered in with promotions like this, I might just cave in. If you are signed up on Starbucks’ card program, you probably got this email as well. If not, great news for you! Starting tomorrow, Starbucks is offering a free grande hot brewed coffee with a purchase of any breakfast sandwich. As you know, Starbucks has been serving their reduced-fat turkey bacon, ham & cheddar, and bacon & gouda, and sausage & cheddar breakfast sandwiches for awhile. Now, Starbucks has added three new ones: slow-roasted ham & swiss, vegetable & fontiago, and egg & cheddar breakfast sandwich.

I’m confused because recently when I went to Starbucks, they promoted their reduced-fat turkey bacon breakfast sandwiches as being “New” which isn’t totally true. Maybe, they are just putting it as new to appeal the fact that it has under 300 calories. It was hard enough to keep up with four breakfast sandwiches, but seven -__-” I guess variety is crucial for pleasing consumers, right?

Anyway, if you are all about freebies, get your breakfast sandwich this week and a free cup of coffee (:


❤ Dorothy

Secret Whole Foods Groupon



Only 10 hours left to buy a $10 gift card for $5 at Whole Foods (: Great deal, especially if you are into healthy alternatives and Whole Foods products! Only available if you search Whole Foods Market deal in the search bar on top of the website.


❤ Dorothy

Seattle Premium Outlets

I went to the Seattle Premium Outlets with my mom this Sunday morning. There were a lot of people and lots of great sales! My mom was nice enough to get me some great deals 😀


Aeropostale sweater

  • Clearance price: $9.99
  • Additional 30% off: $7.00

Nike pink running shorts

  • Clearance price: $9.97
  • Additional 30% off: $6.98



Nike Air Max Tailwind +4 Pink, size 7

  • Clearance price: $84.99
  • Additional 20% off: $68.00
  • Price paid: $54.00!! *Original price: $109.99

Not sure how that price showed up for the shoes, because my mom and I thought that it would come up to be about $17 off the clearance price, but ended up being much lower than what we expected! Always great when that stuff happens!

Holidays is a great time for sales (: Enjoy!

❤ Dorothy

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