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Burgundy Parka – 50% off!

I have been on the search for a parka that will keep me warm from my head to below my waist. It has been pretty chilly in Washington and all my coats are either rain jackets or nice, warm North Faces that stop right at my waist line.

I’ve been eyeing these super cute parkas at Target, but were retailed for $59.99. I know that Target has great deals when their apparel goes on sale, so I have been patiently waiting for their jackets to go on clearance. Today, I saw the ONLY size small parka in this cute burgundy color! So glad that I waited (:


Original price = $59.99. Clearance = $29.98 -> 50% off!

Velour Boots!

I am not the pointy-boot type of person, but I am a fan of velour and deals! Nordstrom Rack was having an additional 30% off red tagged clearance items and I found these babies!


Aren’t they super cute?! I love the detailing of the velour to make it have more of a “rugged” look and especially the silver detailing at the tip of the boots. I am also a lover of wooden heels and soles! Free People boots originally retailed for $240.00. Red tag price = $37.20 + 30% off. Bought them for around $26+tax.

Forever 21 Steals

IMG_0108 IMG_0109 IMG_0110

Forever 21’s clearance items are an additional 30% off the marked down prices! I usually have a hard time finding any good clearance items at Forever 21, but this was a huge find! It is a midi dress and the material is actually thick and stretchy. I love the pattern and as well as the straps! ❤ The original price of the dress is $29.80 and I bought it only for $15!

Zulily TOMS Sale

Screen Shot 2014-09-09 at 3.58.40 PM

 Great deals off of TOMS for women, kids, and men! I was super tempted of getting them, but the ones I wanted didn’t have any in my size ); Why does size 7 have to be so popular? If you are lucky enough to have the pair you like in your size, it is a great deal!

Screen Shot 2014-09-09 at 4.00.57 PM

Here are the ones that I really wanted to get (: Super cute! I also have never seen them in stores lately and they’re on sale! Enjoy!

American Eagle 50% Off Clearance

Screen Shot 2014-07-24 at 10.43.52 PM

I was really trying to not shop after shopping at Nordstrom…but I can’t pass up great deals like this D; American Eagle is having a clearance sale with an ADDITIONAL 50% their clearance prices. I am pretty proud of myself for only getting one thing…which took a lot of time deleting things out of my basket :/

I am in love with cargo vests/jackets. I have a similar one like this in olive green with studs on it from Forever 21, but I’ve been wanting a khaki color like this one. The original price of it was $59.95, but it was on sale for $39.99 and then with an additional 50%…the final price was $20 (: American Eagle also does FREE SHIPPING, another incentive that pulls me to shop on online. I also used the Ebates website to get a rebate of 5.3% back on my purchase. Not much, but it is something (:

Can’t wait to get this baby in the mail (;


 Screen Shot 2014-07-10 at 9.10.04 PM

 In one of my previous posts, I raved about using the app called Poshmark–a place to sell new/once loved clothes and what not. One of my close friends told me about another app called Vinted where I can also sell my once loved or never-made-it-out-of-the-closet clothes. Although Poshmark and Vinted share the same purpose, there are some differences. I absolutely love the layout of Vinted. It has a “Feed” that you can endlessly scroll through, sort of similar like Poshmark, but without so much text. It is just pictures–it has a very close feel to going through your Pinterest (which is very dangerous…I am on that thing forever). Vinted has a very user-friendly, step-by-step process when selling clothes. It is super easy to upload pictures and I love how you can capture the entire shirt or dress in Vinted. In Poshmark, you’d have to resize it in order to fit the whole length if it was a dress or something. I have realized that it is easier for your items to be liked/viewed by other fellow Vinted members because of the “Feed.” Which is super convenient since it took me awhile for my closet to be noticed by fellow Poshers…since your items can only be seen by Poshmark members who are following your closet. So, it is great that items uploaded on Vinted can be instantly noticed by anyone on Vinted.

I am definitely lovin’ this Vinted app and am slowly trying to clear out my closet. If you are interested in doing the same, join Vinted and/or Poshmark! See which one works well for you (:

Forever 21 Deals: 11/16/13

It is the holiday season! Where the lines to Starbucks become three times more longer and finding a parking spot becomes a competition and stalking game. The hardest thing for me about the holidays season is actually buying gifts for people and indulging in great deals I find for myself :/

But, I’m very happy to share my finds with others! (:


I found these super cute deals at Forever 21 ❤ I am in love with baggy, thick sweaters…and polka dots. I found this cute polka sweater for only $19.50. It is super warm and has kept me very warm ever since I put it on 😀

I am the worst person to keep track of socks, so I bought more over-the-knee socks to pair with boots along with a skirt, high-waisted shorts, and/or a dress (which is what I bought along with it). Yay!


This dress is super simple with a skater skirt style and fitted at the waist. This find was only $13.50 and was available in a lot of different colors. This dress can be paired with over-the-knee socks with boots and a baggy cardigan. Or even worn out for an evening dress with heels!

Hopefully, I will be better about shopping for others the next time I go to the mall >,< I will definitely let you guys know if I do find some great deals for gifts (:


❤ Dorothy

Poshmark App


Do you have clothes, shoes, and/or accessories just laying around in your room? Poshmark is a great way to make money by selling your stuff! I have sold a lot of my stuff on this site and being a college student, this has helped me put money back in my pocket for once-loved pieces of clothing, shoes that don’t fit, accessories unused, or any almost new/like-new articles.

It is an app that can be easily downloaded onto your smartphone and very simple to fill in information. Other Poshers are very friendly and honest when it comes to selling or buying. When selling items, Poshmark takes 20%, but it does cover the Priority Mail 2-day shipping fee! When buying, Poshmark charges $6.99 on shipping for items under $25 and $4.99 on shipping $25 or more.

I have found tons of great buys from other Poshers, especially on items that are NWT (New With Tags) or like-new pieces! Another great way of saving money is finding Poshers who are happy to bundle. Bundling is buying more than one pice of clothing and giving a overall percent discount on all of the items. The more you buy, the more you save!

I do admit that I am addicted to Poshmark and I hope you enjoy it as well! (:


❤ Dorothy

Green Utility Vest w/ Studs

2013-10-18 21.00.58

2013-10-18 21.01.19

I found this suuuuuper cute green utility vest with studs and adjustable waist band!!! ❤ I am in love with it 😀 I found it at Forever 21 for $34.90, sort of pricey but I know I’m going to be wearing it plenty of times!

❤ Dorothy

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